Heart Ma’isi Pendant Earring


The Heart collection is a delightful ensemble of captivating earrings, whimsical necklaces and charming rings. As we delved into the past, the Heart collection materialized as an assortment of jewellery items that evoke the essence of 90’s movies, indie music, historical concerts, and even a feminist-inspired retelling of a romantic fable. Each model serves as a reminder of tender expressions of love, and cherished memories encapsulate the vital elements of self-discovery.


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• Material:  Silver (gold plated or rhodium)
• Measurements: 17.5 x 20.5 mm
• Possible darkening due to use. It retains its color if you do not contact with water.
• Handcrafted #metalsmithing

There are no cancellations or returns as the products are produced exclusively for you. Delivery time is max. 7 work days.

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