To measure the circumference of the finger you intend to wear the ring on, take a piece of a string, wrap the string around your finger and mark the point where the two ends  meet. Making sure to mark both ends. Measure the length between the marked points on the string in millimeters (mm). This value will give you the circumference of your finger.

For the ring you are planning to purchase, if you already have a ring that fits the same finger, place it horizontally on a surface and measure the diameter of the ring, which is the distance between the widest points, in millimeters (mm).

You can find the corresponding ring size based on your finger circumference or ring diameter in the table provided below.

You can also download this app, Ring Sizer to find out your size.

Ring SizeDiameter (mm)Circumference (mm)
715,0 mm47 mm
8 15,3 mm48 mm
9 15,6 mm49 mm
10 16,0 mm50 mm
11 16,3 mm51 mm
12 16,6 mm52 mm
13 17,0 mm53 mm
14 17,3 mm54 mm
15 17,6 mm55 mm
16 18,0 mm56 mm
17 18,3 mm57 mm
18 18,6 mm58 mm
19 19,0 mm59 mm
20 19,3 mm60 mm
21 19,5 mm61 mm
22 19,8 mm62 mm
23 20,0 mm63 mm
24 20,4 mm64 mm
25 20,7 mm65 mm
26 21,0 mm66 mm
27 21,4 mm67 mm
28 21,7 mm68 mm
29 22,0 mm69 mm
30 23,0 mm70 mm